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Charcoal Rotisserie Grill - Elite Edition
Engineered for excellence


This Elite II charcoal rotisserie BBQ Grill cooks various kinds of meats like Cyprus Souvlaki, Souvla , Shish kabob, Brazilian Churrasco , Shashlik , Armenian Shish Kabob , Rotisserie Chicken Turkey , fish , and much more only limited by your imagination.


This Shish kabob charcoal rotisserie BBQ Grill contains two levels of rotating skewers.


This charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill comes with an attachable high quality stainless steel grill for conventional grilling Hamburgers, pita breads. Elite II charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill is an adjustable charcoal BBQ grill in which the height of the charcoal tray can be adjusted to move up or down from the rotating skewers


It comes with one super silent heavy duty motor for heavy meat up to 30 lbs.


The charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill's lid when closed makes this amazing rotisserie BBQ grill into a smoker. Even with closed lid all the skewers still rotate inside thereby adding a delicious smoky flavor to your evenly barbecued meats.

This grill is equipped with 2 grilling meshes, so you are able to do half automatic rotating kabobs and other half as conventional grill where you can grill hamburgers, warm pita breads,etc .

This amazing charcoal rotisserie barbecue grill comes with 2 heavy metal side trays, to provide convenient place to keep meats or vegetables before or after your grilling .



Product has been discontinued

Charcoal Rotisserie Grill - Elite Edition

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