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Kabobeque charcoal rotisserie bbq grills are manufacturers and dealers of charcoal rotisserie bbq grills which grills Armenian Shish Kabob,Brazilian Churrasco, Cypriot Souvla or Souvlaki and much more.

You can kabobeque with beef, pork, lamb, chicken or fish; we’ve even tried shrimps on it… delectable if you rub some garlic butter as they rotate on skewers over the hot charcoal!

Kabobeque Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ Grill is the brain child of the Sangwan brothers who envisioned a completely automatic charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill with quality stainless steel skewers. We know how difficult it is to grill fish on a traditional charcoal bbq grill with the fish sticking to the grill causing you to lose most of it. So we bring a unique 3 pronged skewer that grips the fish in place while it rotates. Now no more fish sticky problems!

There are two versions of Kabobeque charcoal rotisserie bbq grills, the Elite charcoal rotisserie bbq edition and the Portable charcoal rotisserie bbq  edition. The Elite charcoal rotisserie bbq edition comes with a lid that enables faster cooking and preserves the wonderful flavors of the bbq. The closed lid does NOT inhibit the rotation of the skewers and provides a smokier flavor.

The portable charcoal rotisserie bbq edition is strong yet light enough to carry to parks, picnic places, camping sites, forest preserves or wherever you prefer.

Both charcoal rotisserie bbq grills can handle a good amount of meat and is best suited to be used in large parties. One Elite charcoal rotisserie bbq grill can cater up to 15 people. In the summer enjoy it while you bask in balmy breezes but we also love to kabobeque in the winter as the family gathers around it enjoying the warmth of the pit and the delicious kabobs right off the skewers.

We at Kabobeque had dreamed of this charcoal rotisserie bbq grill, a charcoal rotisserie bbq grill that is easy to use and brings the whole family together creating wonderful memories.

No more standing in sun over your meat been barbecued, or being embarrassed because it is overcooked or worse burned.

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