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Charcoal Rotisserie Shish Kabob Barbecue Grill

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Have you ever had a barbecue party at home… where you were so caught up talking to your guests, that the meat got all burned? Well, worry no more! The fully automatic charcoal rotisserie barbecue grill - Kabobeque charcoal bbq grills are here. The 13 skewers of these chic-looking rotisserie charcoal bbq grills rotate automatically at a constant speed of 3 rotations per minute. This is the perfect speed to cook meats evenly while maintaining their juicy succulence.

Kabobeque rotisserie charcoal BBQ grills is the brain child of the Sangwan brothers who envisioned a completely automatic rotisserie charcoal BBQ grill cum rotisserie smoker with high quality stainless steel skewers. Kabobeque rotisserie bbq grills are robust, sleek, chic, and efficient. A Kabobeque charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill can handle all styles of grilling… be it Shish kabobs, Cyprus foukou, Souvla or Cypriot grill Souvlaki, Shashlik , Brazilian Churrasco bbq grill, Russian bbq grill, Persian bbq grill, Indian or Pakistani Kebab , Armenian Shish Kabobs , Rotisserie Chicken Turkey , fish , and much more…!! Try shrimps on the skewers… delectable if you rub some garlic butter as they rotate on skewers over the hot charcoal!

We know how difficult it is to grill fish on a traditional charcoal barbecue grill. With a traditional barbecue grill, it is impossible to enjoy the entire fish filet because most of it is left sticking to the grill. So we provide a unique 3 pronged skewer that grips the fish in place while it rotates. Now no more sticky problems!

There are three models of Kabobeque charcoal rotissorie grills: Elite I , Elite II and Portable edition.

The Elite charcoal rotisserie BBQ edition grills come with a lid (which makes this charcoal rotisserie barbecue grill into a rotisserie smoker) that enables faster cooking and preserves the wonderful flavors of the meat by smoking it. The closed lid does NOT inhibit the rotation of the skewers and provides a smokier flavor to your meat. Elite charcoal rotisserie bbq grills come with an adjustable charcoal tray handle which allows you to move the charcoal tray up or down as per your temperature needs.

The portable charcoal rotisserie BBQ edition grill is strong yet light enough to carry to parks, picnic, camping sites or wherever you prefer.

All editions can handle a good amount of meat and is suitable for use both at small family gatherings and larger parties. A single Elite charcoal rotisserie BBQ grill can cater up to 15 people. In the summer, enjoy it while you bask in balmy breezes but we also love to Kabobeque in the winter as the family gathers around it enjoying the warmth of the pit and delicious kabobs right off the skewers. (Kabobeque party tip: Keep all your meat skewered before the party begins. During the party just replace the ready skewers with skewers that are done.)

Traditional grilling is tough and time consuming. With Kabobeque charcoal rotisserie BBQ grills just plug and go. Let Kabobeque grill your meat to perfection while you spend time with your friends and family with the surety that your meat will not burn.

Our Famous Charcoal rotisserie BBQ Grills are perfect for grilling or Smoking meats given below:

Shish Kabob / Kebab or Shashlik / Shashlyk
Brazilian Churrasco / Churrascaria
Greek Cypriot Mediterranean Kabob / Kebab
Cyprus foukou Souvla Souvlaki
Iranian Kabob / Kebab
Indian or Pakistani Kabob / Kebab
Armenian Shish Kabob / Kebab
Persian Kabob / Kebab
Whole Fish
Rotisserie Chicken / Turkey
And much more, only limited to your imagination......

Kabobeque Charcoal Rotisserie bbq grills are designed, manufactured and inspected to perfection. Each and every piece is tested and packaged under strict supervision.

Sangwans had dreamed of these charcoal rotisserie grills that are easy to use and brings the whole family together creating wonderful memories.


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